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Manitoba Start is the first place to go when you arrive in Winnipeg.

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Settlement in Manitoba 

When you arrive in Manitoba, you can get help from a settlement agency. Settlement agencies are community organizations that help newcomers. Services are confidential. You do not have to pay and you can get support in many languages.

A settlement worker can give you information about different community and government services. You can ask about housing, health care, language training, how to find a job and much more. Settlement agencies have programs that can help you and your family connect to your new community.

The governments of Canada and Manitoba pay these organizations to help newcomers settle into their lives in Manitoba. Here are some ways to find services in your area.

Manitoba Start

Manitoba Start Paris Building Entrance

Manitoba Start provides central registration and needs assessment for all newcomers arriving to Winnipeg/Manitoba. It is an important step to register through Manitoba Start then you will be connected to language services and other settlement agencies in your area.

Manitoba Start can help internationally educated and skilled newcomers with credential recognition and employment preparation/opportunities.

If you are not registered as a Manitoba Start client, please click the button below to get started.